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Saturday 1st January 2022 NEW YEAR'S DAY
Sunday 2nd January 202210:00Team Eucharist at St. John's Mosley Common
Thursday 6th January 2022 EPIPHANY
Holy Communion Service to celebrate the Feast of Epiphany - visit of the Wise Men
19:00Team Eucharist at St. George's Church Tyldesley
Sunday 9th January 2022 BAPTISM OF CHRIST
Holy Communion for 1st Sunday of Epiphany, Baptism of Christ. venue St. Stephen's School Hall
10:00Team Eucharist at St. Stephen's
Sunday 16th January 2022 SECOND SUNDAY OF EPIPHANY
Service of the Word in the School Hall.
10:00Service of the Word
Service of the Word at St.Stephen's School Hall.
Thursday 20th January 202210:00Thursday not Sunday Holy Communion
A service of Holy Communion held at Independent Methodist Church Building on Manchester Road Astley. This is an ATMC Team Service, followed by tea/coffee at which all are welcome.
Sunday 23rd January 2022 THIRD SUNDAY OF EPIPHANY
No service at St. Stephen today, but services at 10am at our other Team Churches - St.John's Mosley Common( service of the Word) and St. George's Tyldesley ( Holy Communion).
 No service at St. Stephen's today
No service in Astley today
10:00St. George's Service of the Word
All welcome at ATMC Team Church - St. George's Tyldesley.
10:00Team Eucharist at St. John's Mosley Common
All welcome at ATMC Team Worship centre - St. John's Church, Mosley Common.
Sunday 30th January 2022 FOURTH SUNDAY OF EPIPHANY
All welcome to ATMC Team Holy Communion Service at St Stephen's School Hall.
10:00Team Eucharist at St. Stephen's
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