Inside St. Stephen's Church


      Inside St. Stephen's Church

 St. Stephen's Church was consecrated on October 26th 1968. The original building on Church Road was destroyed by fire on June 18th 1961. 

       Hans Unger stained glass window                                  The altar  table and wall hung wooden cross

           Stained glass window                   Charles Tonge Memorial                    Altar Table
              (south wall)                                  window (north wall)

                           Hans Unger stained glass window                View across the body of the church

                                     Stained glass by                                                Main body of the church
Hans Unger                      


                                                              The Lady chapel, used for mid-week services

The lady chapel is used for mid-week services. The miner's lamp and panel of St. Barbara, the Patron saint of miners,  are reminders of Astley's industrial heritage.

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