Weddings and Baptism services


From 19th July, please see website page "Opening and Managing Church Buildings".

Regulations are based on Church of England advice following Government updates on the pandemic.



For all enquiries about weddings at St. Stephen's,

please contact Revd. Cox on  01942 883313, e-mail: atmcteamrector@gmail.com

 or Susan Mallon, ATMC Team Clerk on 07873149627, e-mail: atmcteamclerk@gmail.com   



In normal times, a Holy Baptism Service is held at St. Stephen's each month.

The ATMC Team Ministry is planning to re-start Baptism services from August.

Across our three Team churches, St. Stephen Astley, St. George Tyldesley and St. John Mosley Common, we have a backlog of services booked for 2020 and earlier in 2021, postponed due to Covid19, that will be accommodated as a priority. 

For all enquiries and more information, please contact

 Revd Angela Dand on 01942 879608 (St. Stephens)

 or Susie Mallon at atmcteamclerk@gmail.com or mob: 07873149627


Visit churchofenglandchristenings.org to learn more about choosing godparents, planning and going to a Church of England Baptism (Christening)



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